Elements Of The Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is an element widely used and valued by companies today. The main objective of most is to make a good strategy for the design of the organizational culture, pointing out the elements and functions to be developed within the organization. However, do you know the elements that are part of the organization’s culture?

Components of organizational culture

There are many parts of the corporate culture that managers must take into account. In this way, they will be clear about the objectives they want to meet and will be able to transmit all these series of values ​​and details to their work teams in the best possible way.

Thus, if a certain company’s business culture is to be clearly defined, the following parts of the business culture must be taken into consideration:

Individual autonomy

This refers to the level of delegation, independence, and participation that exists within a company. For example, if we refer to a type of results-oriented organizational culture, delegation and subordination will be more present.

However, looking at the successful companies of the 21st century, more people-oriented, the focus is placed on participation between employees and even different departments of the companies, betting on teamwork and the promotion of creativity.

It has evolved from companies in which the employee had no “voice” or decision-making power to companies where the workers’ opinions and professionalism are taken into account.


The company’s organization is also one of the parts of the corporate culture to take into account. This makes mention of the rules and regulations that govern the development of the work and the degree of control and supervision exercised over its compliance.


What is the relationship between supervisors and employees alike? Is there a relationship of trust, transparency, and spontaneity? Companies evolve towards organizational cultures where there is a close relationship between managers and workers, that more than a hierarchy, work together and collaboratively between both.


Identity refers to the sense of belonging and how the people who make up the company, conceive of it as a global group of which everyone is part, without divisions.

It is closely related to the identification and involvement of workers with the success of the company. The corporate identity is possibly one of the elements of organizational culture more important.


How do you recognize the good work of employees? All the incentives, awards, and rewards that the company makes to its staff are other elements of the basic organizational culture.

Rewarding and publicly recognizing good work during the development of their work makes the team more motivated and increases their work capacity and productivity.

Risk tolerance

The last of the elements that are part of the organization’s culture is risk tolerance. This will depend on the innovative and creative spirit that is implanted within the company. There are entrepreneurs with big and crazy ideas who do not think twice and share it with their entire team to try, at least, develop it and test if it will finally be a success or not.

As you have seen, business culture plays a very important role within the company, so it is highly recommended to work on it and watch over it.

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